Life Paint

Winter, spring, summer and fall your property takes a beating. The exterior of your home is subject to every, single punishing element that Nature hurls at it. Your home absorbs heat from the sun. The exterior of your property is in the direct path of wind and rain damage. Over time, you see the downgrade to the exterior of your home.

You ask yourself: how can I beautify my home’s curb appeal and at the same time protect the exterior of my property from Nature’s onslaught? The simple solution: “Life Paint”

Vinyl Window Broker is a proud installation and partner for: “Life Paint”

Here are some key features for our state-of-the-art, heat reflective coating products:

  • Life Paint Products are far superior to ordinary paint and texture coatings
  • Life Paint Products cover the exterior of your home with a flexible and elongated coating that is several times thicker than ordinary paint
  • Life Paint Products fill and seal hairline and small cracks or fissures in the exterior of your home
  • Life Paint Products create a protective barrier that seals the exterior of your home for many years to come
  • Life Paint Products have a lifetime warranty and up to 20 % Energy Savings